Over the years I have been asked to photograph many factories, construction sites and warehouses for multiple illustrative purposes. 

Often I am asked to record the manufacturing processes in factories including detail shots of the machinery, products and staff at work and close-ups of the process itself at various stages. From glass panel manufacture to can labels, these images are often used to illustrate websites and company reports but have even been requested in order that they are entered into industry competitions, though that is unusual! 

If I’m invited onto a building site or into a warehouse or industrial site, it is often to record progress, the scale of the operation, the machinery and staff at work, and I may return at a later date to photograph the completed project. The images are usually used in company reports, company magazines or adverts and the shots can also be used in the press. 

If you would like me to come and photograph your site, then please do get in touch on 07825 549681 or and I can prepare a personalised quote. In the meantime please take a look at my industrial gallery.