I specialise in colourful and contemporary portraits of children, babies, families and couples in Liverpool and the North West. My portrait sessions are held on location and between us we can decide on the perfect setting. Quite a few people prefer to have their portraits at home, but if you would like a background with ‘bokeh’ and variation then best to opt for a favourite park, nearby field, the city or maybe the seaside.

I love to capture the very essence of childhood and believe that recording smiles, expressions, laughter and relationships is just as important as capturing more soulful moments of curiosity and deep thought. My sessions are designed to be fun for children of all ages and relaxed! I’ll capture younger children running around as well as posing them for some lovely close-ups, perhaps with siblings. For older children and teens I’ll aim for more posed portraits with a few reportage style shots where possible.

Babies are great to photograph and though I tend to focus more on babies who are able to sit up on their own, I can also photograph younger babies and newborns in a family situation with parents and siblings. Babies expressions can change ten times in the space of a minute - there are so many opportunities for gorgeous photographs. 

I always love it if parents are willing to come in on the photographs and make it a family photo session. You don’t have to be on all of the pictures - I’ll usually take some of the children on their own as well as some of you altogether - it’s so rare a family is photographed all together as there is usually somebody holding the camera!

I’ve also been getting more and more requests for couples photography as well as mother daughter portraits, you’ll see examples in my gallery. We always end up having a good natter during the shoot and lots of fun so don’t be afraid, come and have your portraits taken!

If you are visiting Liverpool and would like a unique reminder of your stay then please get in touch via the contact form.