I'm Victoria Tetley, a full time professional portrait, editorial, PR and commercial photographer based in Liverpool, Merseyside. I'm originally from Scarborough but have lived in the North West for over 15 years and really love it here.

During the week, and often the weekend too, you’ll find me working as a PR and commercial photographer in Liverpool and the North West and as a freelance press photographer on the Liverpool Echo by day and night. I also take photos for popular women’s magazines which focus on often sensitive stories and need a female photographer to photograph them. A professional photographer for over 15 years, I spent 8 of those years working as a press photographer in the North West for the Trinity Mirror group before setting up my own business in 2009. 

My weekend portrait sessions are devoted to my favourite subjects to photograph: babies, children, families and couples. I love my portrait sessions, look forward to them and never fail to have an enjoyable time with the families and I think this shows through in the photos.

As a self-employed photographer I pride myself on my customer service and will always reply to client emails as quickly as possible during office hours. I’m also extremely reliable, I’ll be there on the dot, usually setting off for a job far earlier than I need to to make sure I’m on time. I’ll always dress to suit the occasion so won’t turn up in jeans for a corporate black tie event (but I might for a portrait session).

In 2012 and 2013 I was a three-times finalist in Professional Photographer Magazine’s Professional Photographer of the Year Awards. Firstly in the Lifestyle category, featuring a photograph of my baby nephew eating spaghetti, as well as the Portfolio category featuring three pictures of a toddler from one of my portrait sessions. I was also a finalist in the travel category for an image taken in an Californian ghost town. To beat 500 other entries from all over the world in each of the three categories was a huge achievement for me and gave me the confidence to know that I was right to think I was on the right track.

My biggest photographic inspiration by far is Elliott Erwitt - I've always loved his ability to inject humour into his photography. Without doubt, he’s inspired my press work and he’s inspired my portraits. I also appreciate the work of Vivien Maier amongst many other photographers past and present. Although all of my pictures are edited in colour, I do have a particular passion for black and white photographs, there is nothing quite so stylish as a framed black and white print!

As a person I’m naturally quite shy but my job has turned me into quite a chatty person and as a people photographer I think that’s essential - this is not a job for a shy person if you want to get the best from the people you’re photographing.